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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Poop...Uh Oh

Ok, so this picture is a little has been a little slow on downloading the pictures. Now that I'm 15 months old, I should really start helping around the house more...actually I'm trying. For instance, the other day I opened up all the cupboards and took everything out of them and threw all the stuff on the floor...I thought that would help mommy see everything she has in there. Then I emptied the first 2 rows of books off the should see all the dust mommy has missed while dusting...I just thought I would help bring that to her attention. Life has become much easier since I've started walking. I've realized I can go anywhere I want...including in the bathroom when mommy forgets to close the door...where I proceed to un-roll entire rolls of toilet paper in just mere minutes. I've become quite good at this...! Talking is fun favorite words are "poop" "uh oh" "doggies" "mom" and "giraffe"

Life is good...and I still have a gorgeous girlfriend to share it with...yes...Emilee and I are getting quite serious...we are to the point where we feed cheerios to each other. That is true love.

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